For private photography lessons there are 4 lessons to choose from:

Price: € 70 (2 Hrs.) (bring a friend €100 or two € 120)

Multi 4 Lessons Option:

Are you looking for more than just a single lesson? Do you work better with a schedule, assignments and review? You may want to check out lessons 2, 3 and 4 to improve your photography skills.
These personalized lessons are designed to take you from a complete beginner in photography, to someone with a firm grasp of basic photographic techniques.
The rules of photography are the same no matter what you are photographing; however, by focusing your learning experience on specific subjects which interest you we can enhance your skills and your ability to understand the material.

Price: 4 Lessons (2 hrs each)240 (bring a friend €320 or two € 420)Price includes assignment review and critique, plus email and phone support during the four weeks.

Location: Langestraat 73 - 2312SL - Leiden.

4 Private Lessons

After being bought this package as a birthday gift, I was not disappointed. Two of the lessons were conducted in the house. The first was an introduction to my camera and all the settings and terminology I would need for my subsequent lessons. We then had two walking tours of Leiden. It was great to get advice right as you were taking the photos and then reflect on the image and try it again if necessary. The final session was an introduction to editing and what can be achieve after the shot. I’m so pleased I took the classes and only wish I had done them when I had first bought my camera. Harry was patient and happy to go through things again with me. He was also very flexible with times and dates with helped. I not only feel I got photography lessons but also a personal history tour of Leiden. I would recommend Harry’s lessons.


Oh, let me tell you, Harry is an absolutely incredible teacher! His patience knows no bounds, and his knowledge is simply astounding. I cannot emphasize enough how much I adored the walk around Leiden with him. Not only did he effortlessly unravel the intricacies of photography, but he also painted a vivid picture of the area's remarkable history. I was completely captivated, hanging onto his every word. It was an experience that left me utterly enchanted and longing for more. Harry's passion and expertise made the whole adventure truly unforgettable, and I can't wait to learn from him again.

 by Anonymous on Photography Lessons
Private photography tour is an excellent way to improve your skills

I took a private photography tour through Leiden with Harry. He taught me lots of little things to further improve my technical skills. Excellent way to take your photography practise to a higher level. Highly recommend thiis!

 by Anonymous on
Day and night safari booked

Harry is a great teacher. His no nonsense attitude makes a private class very enjoyable. I learned a lot. He learned me how to look differently to every day objects. How to get the most out of my camera and to get the best shot. I recommend both day- and night workshops if you want to grow as a photographer!

 by Anonymous on
Another perspective of Leiden

This Photo Safari is worth every dime. Harry helped me with setting up my camera correctly for different types of weather and light throughout the evening. He is nice, patient, and very enthusiastic about photography. I feel like a few hours of walking around with Harry have made me a much better photographer. Highly recommend this experience to anyone wanting to learn more about photography both beginner and advanced.

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