Lesson 4

Lesson 4) “Post Production Skills”

While great photography starts with you and your camera, often it is what happens in the digital dark room (the computer) which can bring your full creative vision to life.
No beginner lesson is complete without at least some post production software training.

In lesson 4 we will discuss the following subjects:

  • Improving exposure, lighting, contrast and colors.
  • Cropping and alignment.
  • Working with compression
  • Resizing and exporting.

The topics we cover here will vary depending on what you already know and what software you have access to. If you already have basic skills with imaging programs, then I’ll show you more advanced image techniques like portrait retouching, making panoramas and HDR photography.

Price: 1 Lesson (2 Hrs) €70 (bring a friend €100 or two € 120)

Price: Multi 4 Lessons Option (8 Hrs total) € 240 (bring a friend €320 or two € 420)

Price includes assignment review and critique, plus email and phone support during the four weeks.