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Workshops (Beginners+)

For these photography workshops it is recommended to have some basic working knowledge of your camera.  Settings like: shutterspeed, aperture and iso are very important to get under your fingers.
You don't have to know all, but this is not a "learn all the settings of your camera" workshop.
Moreover, you will receive practical info and tips to get the best out of your photographic tools. At the same time you will also sharpen your eyes and learning to see the light and unlock your inner artist!

There are a lot of advantages to have an instructor with you while you are attempting to capturing images.

  • Firstly, while doing it practically, the knowledge and the whole learning experience stays in our mind for much longer.

  • Secondly, could you have ever understood the reflection of light had you not seen a mirror? Just by reading, it cannot get straight to your mind even though it may be explained in the best possible manner.

  • Thirdly, you are applying your theoretical knowledge to real life situations through practical experiments.

  • Finally, practical education is way more interactive than theoretical and interactive education creates a deeper impact and is way more fun!

      Choose from 2 photography workshops:

  • Photo Safari   This adventurous workshop meanders criss-crossing through Leiden, so you will photograph various themes. For instance: architecture, nature, cityscapes and portraits but also interior, still lifes and street photography.

  • Night Photography  Taking photos in the evening hours adds a whole new world to your photographic arsenal.
    In contrast to daytime, the world looks and feels different. Therefore it allows for photo opportunities that simply don't exist during the daylight hours.

Price: € 80 (2,5 Hrs.) (bring a friend €60 per person)

Starting Point: In front of Old School Leiden.  Pieterskerkhof 4-A, 2311SR Leiden.

Starting Dates: Everyday in 2023.

Starting Times: 10.00h and 15.00h. Evening /Twilight Tours: Starting times by agreement!

(Duration 2,5 hours)