Architectural Photography

Architecture is a broad subject. It can mean the art and science of design and erecting buildings or other physical structures. There is also the cultural and historical dimension that makes architecture an interesting and popular subject in photography.
Virtually everywhere we go, we are surrounded by some sort of architecture.

Despite its diversity, there are a number of principles and techniques which can be applied to most situations. Keeping them in mind at all times will encourage you to think more carefully about your framing, composition and lighting.

With practice, you’ll develop your eye for architecture photography. This will help you shoot your subjects in a more interesting way, avoiding commonly-repeated compositions and injecting more personality into your photos.      

In this workshop we will discuss, explain and illustrate the following topics:

  • Weather and Time
  •  Use of tripod, cable release, self timer and mirror-up
  •  Use of filters (Polarizer, Neutral Density and Graduated ND)
  •  Depth of Field, Composition, Hyperfocal distance
  •  Lighting, Exposure, Multiple-Exposures
  •  Details, Point of view,  Perspective
  •  Wide angle, Zoom and Telelenses.
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Price: € 90 (3 Hrs.) (bring a friend €140 or two € 180)

Workshops start with short theory introduction and slideshow (30-45 min) followed by practical instructions in the field.