Landscape Photography

There is no pure or absolute definition of what makes a landscape in photography.
As such it has become a very broad term, encompassing urban, industrial, macro and nature photography.

A crucial element of landscape photography is the light to the scenery. Preferred times are dusk or dawn with low angle light that illuminate the landscape with sidelight. This light adds a feeling of depth and form to the picture caused by the shadows it renders.

Macro and close-up photography can take the viewer to seldom seen vantage points and often demands more careful attention to photographic technique.

In this workshop we will discuss, explain and illustrate the following topics:

  • Weather and Time
  • Use of tripod, cable release, self timer and mirror-up
  • Use of filters (Polarizer, Neutral Density and Graduated ND)
  • Depth of Field, Composition, Hyperfocal distance
  • Lighting, Exposure, Multiple-Exposures
  • Details, Point of view, Perspective
  • Wide angle, Zoom and Telelenses.

Price: € 90 (3 Hrs.) (bring a friend €140 or two € 180)

Workshops start with short theory introduction and slideshow (30-45 min) followed by practical instructions in the field.